Lions Lose their First of the Year 25-19

Detroit’s first loss of the season came in a great game between two up and coming teams, the Lions and the 49rs. It is unfortunate however that the game is not going to be remembered for its even play, but for the stupid squabble that the idiot coaches of both teams had after the game ended. Once the game had ended, Coach Harbaugh and Schwartz met at the center of the field with Harbaugh exuberantly shaking hands and slapping the back of Schwartz who took offense and almost started a fight on the field. Both of the coaches were in the wrong, and should have been fined by the league, which they weren’t displaying the hypocrisy that is the NFL.

For as good as Matt Stafford has looked so far this season, it was actually surprising to see him struggle this past week. The 49rs hit him consistently and hard causing him to make quick decisions and throw the ball a bit inaccurately. The San Francisco offense was led by Frank Gore who had a huge game rushing for 141 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown.

After the 49rs took the lead late at 22-19 the Lions still had a chance to tie or take the lead, but they were unable to get anything going against the stout San Francisco defense who continued to get pressure on Stafford. With the win the 49rs increase their record to 5-1 and the same as Detroit and look like the odds on favorite to win the lousy NFC West.

Detroit will get the chance to avenge their first loss of the season next week at home against the faltering Atlanta Falcons. Both teams will need the win to keep pace with the leaders of their respective divisions, which should make for an excellent game.

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