Detroit Routs the Denver 45-10

A week after winning a game in the fourth quarter, Tim Tebow learned how real teams play football in this league. The Detroit Lions were hungry for a win after consecutive losses, and it showed with their dominance over the Broncos. Detroit was able to sack Tebow seven times and forced two turnovers, which were both turned into touchdown returns.

Not that the Lions offense had to play well in this game to win, they did play well and got things together after a couple of poor performances. Matt Stafford played extremely well showing that there were no lingering effects in his injured ankle left over from last week. Stafford finished the game 21 of 30 for 267 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Megatron continued his amazing season with 6 receptions for 125 yards and a touchdown. At this point in time, with Andre Johnson hurt there is no better wide out in the league than Calvin Johnson. One thing that does worry you if your a Detroit fan, is that they still remain inept at running the ball. When the weather gets worse and throwing conditions are not optimal they will need to run the ball more effectively, or ensure home field advantage so that they can play in their dome.

The Lions have a bye next week and will continue their regular season campaign at Chicago two weeks from now who will be looking for revenge.

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