Lions get Humbled by the Bears 37-13

The Detroit Lions this season have been a pleasant surprise, with Matt Stafford playing well in his first full season, Calvin Johnson having an outrageous season at wideout, and the defense playing stout, it was somewhat a surprise to see how Chicago stuck it to Detroit on Sunday. Stafford and the rest of the Lions’ offense played as hideous a game as you will ever see. Detroit had a total of 6 turnovers on offense, two of which got turned into touchdown returns.

If the Lions were able to win this game it would have been a huge boon for them in the wild card race. They would have a had a game up in the standings and the tiebreakers against the Bears, but it was not to be. At this point it would seem that there is no one within the NFC North who is going to catch the Packers, so unless both the Bears and Lions win the wild card it is going to be a battle between these two and the Giants and Cowboys for the wild card spots. I am counting out the Falcons right now, because they have shown nothing to be excited about.

This week Detroit gets a shot at the lousy Panthers, although Carolina is (2-7), they have played well against several good opponents, including the Packers. Cam Newton has also shown a lot as a rookie quarterback in the NFL. Expect the Panthers to give the Lions a good three quarters before falling by the wayside.

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