Trouble in Detroit

The Lions, including their coach have no one to blame, but themselves for their 31-17 lost to the Saints. After a first quarter where the only points scored were a field goal by the Saints, the Lions were not ready for the explosion in the second quarter. New Orleans scored two fast touchdowns including a 67 yard pass to Robert Meachem, giving them a 17-0 lead.

Detroit tried to stem the tide with a touchdown of their own on a Kevin Smith run, but Brees continued to work his magic right before the half with another touchdown pass, this time to Lance Moore giving the Saints a commanding 24-7 lead. It did not look good for the Lions in the second half, but they came out in complete control.

To start the second half, Detroit put a nice drive together, but they had to settle for a 31 yard field goal by Hanson. After forcing the Saints to punt the Lions scored a touchdown this time on a Stafford pass to back Maurice Morris. Detroit forced the New Orleans to punt again, but Schwartz made a critical mistake on the ensuing drive. The Lions drive was stopped a little ways in to Saints territory, and instead of allowing the Lions defense to keep the momentum and field position, Schwartz attempted a 54 yard field goal, that went wide and set up Brees with a short field and which he turned into a touchdown.

The Lions ended the game with stupid personal foul penalties that extended Saints drives and prevented any chance of coming back. At (7-5) the Lions will need wins down the stretch here and it will not be easy with three division rivals on the schedule. It will be a battle to make the postseason and it starts next Sunday against the Vikings.


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