Detroit Routs San Diego 38-10

The Detroit Lions started this game fast, and never took their foot off of the accelerator, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the playoffs, for the first time since 1999. San Diego had been playing much better over the last few weeks, but they were no match for the dynamic attack displayed by the Detroit Lions.

The Lions started the game scoring on all four of their possessions in the first half, which included three touchdown passes by Matt Stafford. Leading 24-0 at halftime, Detroit could have ran their victory lap and went home before wasting another 30 minutes of everyone’s time, however to appease NFL regulations, the Lions continued to pour it on the Chargers with Kevin Smith picking up his second touchdown of the game and the defense adding another touchdown on a pick six.

Guaranteed to be in the playoffs they will be playing for either the fifth or sixth seed next week, with destiny in their hand. If the Lions can defeat the Packers next week they will clinch the fifth seed and face the winner of the Cowboys Giants game. However if they lose and the Atlanta Falcons win they will fall to the sixth seed and face either the 49rs or Saints in the first round of the playoffs. There is no doubt that facing the Giants or Cowboys would be a more favorable match up so expect Detroit to go all out next week to ensure the fifth seed.

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