Heartbreaking Loss Produces Difficult Matchup

Going into last week’s game the Lions had two goals. Get revenge on the Packers and win to ensure a friendlier match up with either the Cowboys or Giants. However neither happened in the 45-41 defeat at the hands of Matt Flynn and the Packers. This seesaw battle turned from stellar efforts into which team’s defense is worse. And last week that defense turned out to be the Detroit Lions, who allowed backup quarterback Matt Flynn to throw for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns, with only one interception.

The Detroit defense gave up four scoring plays of more than 30 yards, and two of those were more than 50 yards. In a game you expected the Lions defense to show up against a bunch of back ups, they failed to and paid for it. And now they must travel to New Orleans in a game that looks almost impossible to win. The Saints are 8-0 at home and have just dismantled the teams they have faced there.

The Lions will be travelling to New Orleans as 11 point underdogs, an extremely large spread for the playoffs. It is easy to assume after the last few performances by the teams that it will be a very high scoring game, but I expect the defenses to show up this week and force some punts, which were few and far between in Detroit’s last game. However the Lions will still fall short and end their long awaited reentry to the postseason on a sour note.

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