Lions QB Matthew Stafford Injures Hand in Preseason Loss


Photo by: MSA/Icon SMI

In the Lions preseason loss to the Raiders in Oakland, Matthew Stafford’s last play ended with non-throwing hand being crushed by Dave Tollefson’s helmet as Stafford was driven into the ground. Stafford spoke after the game and explained that after the hit he saw his hand just getting bigger and bigger as he sat on sideline. Stafford admitted that seeing his hand swell up caused him to worry about the possibility of missing time during the regular season, but the good news is that the x-rays were negative, and the injury happened to his non-throwing left hand.

Next up after Stafford is Shaun Hill, a backup that the Lions are comfortable with if he is needed for a game or two, but not likely a player that the Lions would consider an equal substitute for Stafford if he ever needed to play significant minutes. Hopefully Stafford’s hand can heal quickly so that it doesn’t effect him during the regular season, but don’t expect him to miss any action in week one as a result of this injury.

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