Rams vs. Lions

The Lions host one of the worst teams in the NFL from last season, in an opening weekend game that should be a blowout. The NFL odds favor the Detroit Lions by -7, but that has dropped significantly since it was -10 a few months ago. With the suspensions and injuries of the Lions, the money on this game has become even. Will the Lions rightfully win this game, or will it be close to the end, giving St. Louis hope of a Week 1 road win?

Detroit had an up and down preseason. They showed their ability to score, but a cause for concern is the depth. Detroit is already dealing with some injuries and suspensions, so the lack of depth is uneasy. Every time Matt Stafford and the first string offense came out of the game, the offense went down hill. Kellen Moore did play well, but he is still the 3rd string quarterback behind Shaun Hill.

The Lions will do what they do best against the Rams. They will throw the ball 45 times on offense, and rush Sam Bradford relentlessly. The Rams are under a new coaching staff, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they came out and played well, or awful, it won’t be anywhere in between.

I think the Lions will win and cover this one. Even though the line has dropped significantly, I still like their chances at home. They have a far superior offense, and I think there is one guy in particular on the Lions I think is going to step up in this game and this season.

Titus Young showed flashes of greatness last season, and even though he comes in behind Nate Burleson on the depth chart, he will get more snaps than Burleson. I think he has a big game on Sunday, and throughout the season.

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