Can the Lions be Disciplined Enough to Beat the 49ers

There has been much talk over the offseason about how Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson may be the next great quarterback/receiver dynasty in the NFL.  This certainly did not seem to be the case this Sunday against a terrible St. Louis Rams team.  They looked sloppy and could not get things rolling throughout most of the game.

Stafford was throwing interceptions like it was his job throughout the matchup.  He managed three picks while only reaching the end zone once.  This is very concerning news for a team that is going into a game against the best defense in the league in the San Fransisco 49ers.  If they can shut down Aaron Rodgers for almost an entire game, Matthew Stafford, while great, has a lot of things he needs to worry about.  If he is playing so terribly against an embarrassingly bad defense like St. Louis’, there is no telling what the 49ers will do to him.

Calvin Johnson needs to keep this in mind as well.  He, by all accounts, is the best wide out in the league, but he definitely did not show it on Sunday.  He caught six passes for a total of 111 yards, which is decent, but we have come to expect so much more from him.  He managed no touchdowns and was barely a factor until the end of the game.  If he and Stafford want all of the predictions of their dynasty to come true, he, as well as Stafford, needs to step it up and start getting some touchdowns going forward.

While Detroit does have the weapons to make a competitive games against the Niners on Sunday, they need to start playing like they want to be there.  At this point, the NFL odds look to be decisively against the faltering Lions this Sunday.

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