Lions Need to Show More Effort on Sunday

One thing that can be said about the Detroit Lions this season is they lack passion.  They barely pulled out a victory against a subpar St. Louis Rams team in week 1 and got dissected by the 49ers defense in primetime this past Sunday.  While they do not have the hardest match-up in the Tennessee Titans this week, the Lions need to get back on point if they wish to win the game and cover the -3 NFL odds they have this week.

The way the Lions need to get back in business is, first and foremost, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.  The team up that many were saying is a dynasty in the making in the offseason have not been playing effectively in the first two games.  Johnson, who by most accounts, is the best wide out in the league,  does not have a touchdown yet this season.  We’re only two games in, but this is startling for a guy who is known for his deep touchdown grabs.  Add to that the fact that he has been targeted much less by Stafford so far this season and the Lions have a problem.  They have a top QB and receiver at their disposal, yet they cannot find ways to make them effective when their offense is on the field.  Many blame this on the fact that Johnson is almost always double covered, but he was last season as well and Stafford still found ways to get it to him.  They will have to put their heads together with the coaching staff and find a way to make hook ups in the red zone.  If not, they could be looking at their second straight loss this week in Tennessee.

The Lions need to get something together this season if they want to be a threat come playoff time.  Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson getting on the same page is a good start.

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