Former Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Alex Karras Passes Away at Age 77

Alex Karras, the Defensive Tackle for the Detroit Lions from 1958 through 1970 passed away in Los Angeles in the company of his family, he was 77 years old. Karras was known for being a great defensive tackle, but was also known for being an even better person. Following his career as a bruising defensive lineman, he took his fierce demeanor, but kind heart, into show business. His most notable acting gig was in Blazing Saddles, he played the role of Mongo and he knocked out a horse with just one punch.

Near the end of his life, he suffered from dementia, and blamed the NFL for not being open about how dangerous the game of football really was. Karras was one of the former players involved in the lawsuits against the NFL for not doing enough to make the players aware or to help prevent long term head injuries as a result of the brutal nature of the sport.

Karras was loved by many and lived a very full and complete life, his loss is a loss not only to his family, but also to the NFL and the fans of the game.

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