Week 8: Lions vs Seahawks


Photo by: Daniel Gluskoter/Icon SMI

Last year at this point of the season, the Lions were 5-1 and Matthew Stafford had thrown for 15 touchdowns. Fast forward one year to now, and the Lions sit at last place in the NFC North with a 2-4 record, and Stafford has thrown for only 5 touchdowns, but has 6 interceptions as well. What is going on with this team? We knew that the Lions defensive secondary had question marks, but no one could have predicted the teams struggles with getting the ball into the endzone (they rank second in the NFL for passing yards per game). So what do the Lions need to do against the Seahawks and their top ranked defense?

For the Lions to win against the 4-3 Seahawks, they will need to play smart on offensive, and be aggressive on defense. Russel Wilson has been doing very well for the Seahawks as a rookie quarterback, however, all seven of his interceptions have occurred while on the road, so the Lions will need to get pressure in his face, but more importantly, the fans need to get loud! The Lions need their fans to get into the head of Russell to try and rattle him and force him to rush his progression and risk some turnovers. On offense, just play smart. The Lions have an offense capable of scoring on any defense in the league, they just need to play smart, manage the game properly, and avoid turnovers.

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