Detroit Lions: 4 Keys to Victory against the Green Bay Packers

These 4 things are what the 6-5 Detroit Lions must do to get the much needed divisional win this Thanksgiving Thursday.

1. Quarterback Matthew Stafford Leading The Offense
Stafford has already given Lions fans hope for the future. His numbers have been phenomenal and this season more than ever he has been a top 5/6 QB.
However, on Sunday, seeing him throw 4 INTs just left you feeling frustrated. At key moments when a bit of momentum would have made such a difference, he came up short.

Has he got what it takes to not only lead the offence but this team?

Defenses get fired up when they see how badly their quarterback wants the win. This is a big-time game against a big-time divisional opponent. No. 9 has to step up.

2. Spread The Ball Around
Scott Linehan must be rubbing his hands. With WR Nate Burleson back from injury and the offensive line playing as well as it has, the ball can be spread around. In week 5, Stafford got the ball to eight different receivers and this was without Burleson or Calvin Johnson.

The Pack now has to respect Johnson, which leaves space for the other receivers to get open. Joseph Fauria has made some incredible catches and is an exciting rookie talent. Brandon Pettigrew is there in the mix still and Kris Durham and Chris Ogletree have all been factors. Reggie Bush should also be more of a factor in the run game, as he and Bell only combined for 65 yards last time at Lambeau.

3. Secure The Ball
This past Sunday the Lions gave up five turnovers plus a blocked punt to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, you read that correctly. Change just one of those and the motor city could easily be 7-4 and different headlines would have hit newstands this past Monday. Stafford should have learned from his INTs and will be more patient with the ball. Win the turnover battle on Thanksgiving, win the game.

4. Stop The Run
Last time in Green Bay, Detroit allowed 180 rushing yards by Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb. Last week, the Pack had 196 yards on the ground against the Vikings. Detroit needs to take away this strength of the Green Bay offense. Do this, and it is up to Matt Flynn to win the game, but the Packers are 0-3 without Aaron Rodgers this season.


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