Why the Lions must keep playing hard




Okay Lions fans take a deep breath and enjoy the following …Your Detroit Lions are at the top of the division….in December…with a game in hand.

Feels good doesn’t it?

The unthinkable happened Sunday night with the Minnesota Vikings knocking off the Chicago Bears in an OT thriller (and while we’re at it Vikes, thanks for the tie against the Pack as well!).  With the Lions owning the tie against both the Bears and Packers, it puts them in a great spot with an effective two-game lead.  Add into the mix that their next four games include playing at Philadelphia (7-5), against Baltimore (6-6), against the New York Giants (4-7) and finishing at Minnesota (3-8-1), and maybe it’s time to get that bottle of champagne ordered?

And yet…..

The Lions were in a seemingly strong situation after beating the Cowboys and Bears three weeks ago and look at what happened next?  There were losses to the Steelers and the Bucs.

And slightly worryingly, the Lions have started to turn the ball over.  In their first ten games, the Lions had 11 turnovers.  They have had 9 in the last two games.  4.5 turnovers a game isn’t conducive to going deep in January and puts too much pressure on the defense.  Let’s hope the second half against Green Bay is how this team intends to play.

This team really has given their long-suffering fanbase reason to cheer this season.  They are 4-1 in the division, which is unheard of in recent years.  For the second time in three years, the Lions are playing meaningful football in December.

It’s just that the Lions need to keep pushing hard to bag their first divisional title in twenty years and it starts this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

What are your thoughts on the Lions’ season?  Please leave your thoughts below.


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