4th Quarter collapse in Philly blizzard

A 4th quarter meltdown saw the Detroit Lions beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles 34-20 in blizzard conditions, being outscored in the 4th 28-6 alone.

The Lion’s defense  had no answer for LeSean McCoy, who had a career day of 217 yards.  148 of it came in the 4th quarter.

For three periods it seemed that the Lions were in control, in front 14-0 right up until 6:37 to go in the 3rd.  Touchdowns by Joique Bell and Jeremy Ross had given the away team in the lead.  At one point, it almost looked like the Michigan side were a ‘snow team’, with its stout rushing defense and rushing attack.   In the 2nd quarter for instance, the Lions had out-gained the Eagles by 111 yards to -1.

The Lions looked good.

But it all went wrong.

It began with a 19-yard TD grab by DeSean Jackson in the 3rd, followed by McCoy tearing apart the Detroit front seven in the 4th.  TD runs of 40 and 57 yards by McCoy and a 38-yard rushing TD by Chris Polk left Lion Nation with just one big question this Monday morning:

What on earth happened to the Detroit defense in the 4th quarter?

The team entered week 14 3rd in the NFL in rushing defense, but allowed more rushing yardage this game than in the previous six games.  Gunther Cunningham just didn’t react quick enough to the Philly offense.  Was that really Suh, Fairley, Ansah, Tulloch, Levy and co. playing in that 4th quarter?

Matthew Stafford’s offense couldn’t make up for the porous defense (it was actually the electric performance of returner Jeremy Ross that kept the Lions in this one).  At 28-20 with the game still within reach, a fumble by  Stafford gave the ball back to the Eagles (why he didn’t dive on it I have no idea).


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