Back-to-back let downs will probaby lead to Schwartz’s departure

If you’ve been a Lions fan for at least a few seasons you can’t help but feel let down after yet another disappointing season.

This 1-5 slide gets coupled right with the 0-8 finish last year to leave you with the conclusion that Jim Schwartz will be gone come next Monday.

And I welcome it.

I’m not angry at Schwartz but I just don’t agree with some of his playcalling, especially the decision not to try something at the end of regulation Sunday against the Giants. To me that made no sense (and to which he also received immediate feedback from the fans). It’s just that this organisation has been through a lot – the last 6 seasons (including this one) gave gone 0-16, 2-14, 6-10, 10-6, 4-12 and 7-8. Fans, those that have stuck around, deserve their team to be playing with the kind of heart that they themselves show. Loyalty deserves the effort to make things right.

With regards Stafford, for me, I sometimes wish I could see some more passion in his game. More of the moments like his 4th quarter comeback against Dallas. Dare I say it, some more Philllip-Rivers-ness. There are times when (like when he was on a batted down ball on a key situation late against Baltimore) he just doesn’t seem frustrated with what’s going on. We all know the Lions lead the league in drops. I’d like to have seen him hold his receivers more accountable. Chew them out maybe. That just didn’t happen.

And for me, with so much money tied up in Stafford, and as I read elsewhere the point that he is our best QB option for the present and the future, I think a fresh set of coaching staff is what’s needed to tighten his play up.
And of course, I am probably guilty of putting too much blame on Stafford’s shoulders. He only really controls how the passing game goes. The team’s lack of discipline and focus must point fingers elsewhere.

Coach Schwartz had an unprecedented start to his Lions tenure. He still remains the only coach to have taken on an 0-16 team, and he built a good team. He led us to the playoffs, the team has drafted well over the last five years and we have a good amount of depth in the squad. I thank him for what he’s done.

However, this team needs a new coaching staff to give this team more discipline and more heart to win.

The fans and this city deserve it.

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