Detroit Lions Free Agency: That silence you hear is nothing happening.

Well, 6 or so weeks have gone since the last time I wrote on Lions 360.  Being a proud optimistic Lions fan partly means grieving the previous season (surely every Lions fan must partly agree with that last sentence!).  However, being a Lions blogger, a Lions tweeter and a firm believer in ‘there’s always next year’, it’s time to start tracking and looking at what is going on in the world of the Detroit Lions!

Condolences must go this week to the Ford family this week for the loss of William Clay Ford Sr.  The man clearly had honolulu blue and silver running through his veins and was amazingly proud of his club.  As I read and agree with from a article this week, he didn’t see or produce much on-field success in his reign as owner, but he was still a great man.

We now have our head coach in place.  I’m still loving Caldwell’s ‘Bill-Pullman-in-Independence-Day-esque’ (tongue-in-cheek-reference) introductory speech, and hoping and believing it will bring great things to Ford Field.  See, I’m already generating the optimism for that’s needed for the 2014 season, even if it is just personally!

Also, and as a aside before I get to Free Agency, blogging/tweeting for Lions 360 has revealed so much to me as to how much passion there is in Lions fans.  With each key event so far this off-season (missing the playoffs, Schwartz’s firing, Caldwell’s hiring, the hiring of each coordinator), Lions fans have passionately cheered, jeered, loved and loathed on twitter and held nothing back.  If anyone doesn’t believe me, search for @lions_360 mentions!  I’ve always prided myself on being committed and loyal to my team, through thick and thin, but have learnt there are guys (and gals) out there just as committed and loyal, and then even more some!  I’m a UK fan, so have always watched from the other side of the pond.  And yes, I’ve got my London ticket, but more on that later….

So back to Free Agency.  It’s begun.  NFL pundits are predicting we won’t have as big a FA season as last year (forgive me while I re-live the Reggie Bush excitement from last year).  Louis Delmas has gone to Miami and the defensive backs who were interested in coming to Detroit, CB Alterraun Verner and SS TJ Ward, have unfortunately signed elsewhere, so we have gaps to fill.

On the offensive side of the ball, fortunately, we have Joique Bell signed to a 2-year extension  (that guy’s a legend).  Brandon Pettigrew is in talks with 5 teams (including us) and I think it was a smart move for the Lions to release him.  I, personally, have never been on the Pettigrew bandwagon and Fauria having such a good 2013 season makes it a good move.

There’s a long off-season still ahead of us and we’ve only just got started.

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