Lions travelling to London

So on Sunday the 26th October, one regular season date is already set in stone.  The Detroit Lions will visit Wembley Stadium to play the ‘home side’ Atlanta Falcons, in Week 8.

Now, this fixture is personally a big thing for me.  Confession time: I live nowhere near Detroit. I live in the UK, so this game will be my first game in 20 years of following them.  So, yes I am excited.  I’ve been to six games at Wembley of the eight possible so far, and can only say that the atmosphere and spectacle of the games have been incredible.  With all games being sold out so far (including a one-sided 49ers @ Jags fixture in 2013), it seems that the games in London are here to stay, at least for the medium-term. (Fact: After the 2014 season, half of all NFL teams will have played a regular season game in London).

I would be interested in seeing how this has been received by other Lions’ fans?  Please comment in the section below or tweet at @lions_360.  Is the Lions playing at Wembley a good thing or a bad thing?

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