Suh Trade Not on The Table; What if the price is right?



Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew stated previously that a “Suh trade was not on the table.”

As a passionate Lions fan, I do not want to see number 90 in any other uniform. But the question keeps popping up to me, What if the price is right?

When it comes to Ndamukong Suh what is too much and what is too less? With his on-field issues of unsportsmanlike conduct and being fined $100,000 that would throw up the red flag to many possible suitors.

However, there are plenty of teams withholding plenty of value that could use him and are willing to deal with the high price and his issues.

One team for example, is the St.Louis Rams. Come draft day they hold 2 picks in the first round, in my opinion they would sacrifice those two picks for big number 90 plus a second round pick from the Lions. But that is the fantasy scenario.

People would low-ball for him and offer their picks for first and third , fourth , etc….

The thought that should never cross the mind of the executives in Detroit are the prices in that range.

Suh is a diamond in the rough, with his attitude improving every year, he will continue to develop to become the defensive tackle we need him to be.  Though I don’t agree with him being away from the voluntary mini camp especially with our new coaches, and him being a captain. I know as fans we would love to see him spend his career in Honolulu blue and silver.

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