Lions shoot themselves in the foot to give Panthers the win

At one point in the first half, the Lions had 182 yards of offense with not a point to show for it. The defense were playing well. ‘If we settle down, this can be ours for the taking,’ I told myself.

Unfortunately, with hindsight, costly mistakes, 3 turnovers, 2 missed field goals and a lack of a running game made the difference in the result. That team was never gonna beat Carolina on the road. Detroit need a replacement kicker and with a re-emphasis on minimising mistakes. How different would that second half have been if Freese had kicked those two field goals? Carolina wouldn’t have gone for the 2-point and the Lions would only have been down by 7 points. How spoilt have we been having Jason Hanson kicking for a couple of decades?

Three turnovers hurt the Lions bad, especially with no takeaways. Yes, Stafford’s errant throw was a smidge of bad luck but the result’s just the same. And unfortunately the blame can’t go on anyone in particular but Joique Bell’s and Jeremy Ross’s fumble were both costly, especially the timing of Ross’s. Things seemed to go from 7-6 up to a 2-score game far too quickly.

On the flip side, Detroit’s opponent was a tough one on the road. Time will tell.

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