5 things we learned in the Jets win

Here’s some things we learned in the Lions Week 4 over the Jets:

1) Matthew Stafford is playing efficiently

Stafford finished 24 of 34 for 293 yards for 2 passing touchdowns, a rushing touchdown and zero turnovers. He spread the ball to 8 different receivers and never favourited a single receiver.

2) The offense is not just ‘throw to Calvin on one’

Whether it was Reggie’s awesome 16 yard scamper to make a first down, Ross’s torch of the league’s no. 2 defense for the TD or Tate looking like a real coup, the lack of no. 81’s playmaking was okay. There was a constant commitment to the run game to keep the defense honest.

3) This defense is something to get behind

To constantly hear the commentator refer to the defense as ‘the league’s no. 1 defense’, I kept thinking to myself ‘am I dreaming?’ The defensive line took a while to get going, allowing the Jets 5 first downs on the first drive. But for the second week in a row, the defense was a massive part of the win.

4) Golden Tate is for real

The former Seahawk finished 8 rec for 116 yards and an average 14.5 yards per reception. But to look at his intangibles, much like Darius Slay, I love his post-play celebrations. They’re something that can excite a home-crowd and silence an opposing away-crowd.

5) Joe Lombardi will stay committed to the run game

Between Bell and Bush (who finished with a respectable 4.0 and 3.8 rush average), Riddick and Stafford, the Lions ended with 88 rushing yards.

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