Takeaways from the huge comeback win over the Saints



Some takewaways from today’s comeback win:

– Golden Tate III stepped up

Tate finished with 10 receptions for 154 yards, including a huge 73-yard reception TD to bring the Lions back to 23-17.  This was a crucial, crucial play, following the Saints’ field goal kick when momentum for the Lions had been killed.  What a play.  What a guy.

– Matthew Stafford can play patiently

Stafford finished 27 of 40 for 299 yards, which meant only 11 yards per reception average on the day.  There were dinks and dunks, 12-play touchdown drives and efficient play-calling.  Even the drive in the 4th quarter that ended in the pick was patient play by the Lions’ offense.

– This was a team win

The Lions gave up 408 yards, but won.  Stafford threw 2 interceptions, but played well enough to be a crucial part of the win.  The massive TD by Tate was followed shortly after by the massive pick by Glover Quinn (who had a stellar day).  Corey Fuller’s touchdown catch was a brave play which could well cement him as the team’s 3rd best receiver.

– The Lions showed resilience

They never gave up.  They started the second half 17-3 but put together a long touchdown drive soon after.  They started the 4th quarter down 20-10 but put together an almost scoring drive soon after.  They were down 23-10 with 5:24 left but 1:46 later were back within one score.  They fought.  They won.

– The defense stepped up when needed to

On the Saints’ final 5 drives, the Lions’ D only allowed two field goals and managed to pick Brees off to set up a crucial go-ahead score.  DeAndre Levy was a machine again.

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