This is unchartered territory Lions fans

Wait, what? The Lions are 7-2?

During the Lions’ win over the Dolphins, there was a moment on the final scoring drive where I thought, ‘We’ve had two close comebacks already. We won’t get this one.’ Then I realised that Matthew Stafford has somehow been replaced by ‘Mr Clutch’.

Seriously, how good was that scoring drive by Stafford? I’ve (I’m fickle) gone from yelling at the guy last year to absolutely loving the way he’s playing. Now backed by a top defense, Stafford doesn’t have to do it all on his own and this is helping the guy so much. There’s something reassuring about that the fact that Stafford is now playing his 6th season. He’s been there through it with us, struggling to turn this franchise around. His side-arm play would have left me frustrated last season because this would have been coupled with mediocre play by the defense and special teams. Now, ironically, he won the game on a side-arm touchdown pass that was insanely accurate.

This was a team win. Heck, even Calvin Johnson didn’t need to carry the team (but I’m sure glad he’s back!)

At 7-2, the Lions only need one more win to get only their second winning season since 2000. That’s unreal.

I remmeber what a winning season feels like. I remember the 2011 season and the heights of the playoff game. Remember when the Lions made the playoffs on Christmas Eve of 2011? Could we have that to come this season?

But this is different. This is the Lions on the eve of playing the current NFC and AFC no. 1 seeds and fully able to compete. That’s unreal. This is the Lions looking to make a good run down the stretch and competing.

This is a team with a new Head Coach who seems to be giving the team, the city and the fanbase reason to cheer. Bring on the Cardinals.

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