Only 3 regular-season games left….

So here we are, only 3 games left in the regular season and a final home game beckons for the Lions….

Everything has looked good the last two weeks as the offence has gotten back on track albeit against lesser opponents than the Cardinals and Patriots. The team’s new approach to look at just one game at a time seems to be serving them well. All too often and around the league, there are teams who spark a big victory but lose to teams that they really shouldn’t. As a case in point, look at the Saints, who are one of only three teams to beat the Packers but then go and lay an egg like they did against Carolina.

Media pundits are constantly speculating about the team’s future. Currently at 9-4, how will they fare hosting the Vikings and then travelling to Chicago and Green Bay? The Lions could face a potential NFC North title bout at Lambeau in two weeks’ time, but how they manage there won’t mean anything if they lay an egg against Minnesota at home.

All around the NFC, games are being played that will affect Detroit’s playoff chances. For instance, Philadelphia can help ease the wild card race for the Lions by knocking off their divisional rivals Dallas this weekend. Arizona still has to play San Francisco and Seattle, and only just scraped past St Louis last night.

Atlanta almost did the business at Lambeau Field for the Lions this past Monday night (which would have catapulted the Lions into the No. 2 seed). If anything, what I did enjoy was seeing how beatable the Packers were in that game!

It’s all to play for.

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