Lions’ Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

So, heading into the main part of week, here are the Lions’ playoff scenarios:

Detroit clinches NFC North:
1) DET win + GB loss

The Lions travel to Chicago for its first road game since the Patriots in week 12. The team is focused on getting done what it needs to get done. Green Bay travels to Tampa Bay to face a rebuilding Bucs team which unfortunately sees Gerald McCoy out. The odds are not in the favour of seeing this fixture go in the Lions’ favour. The Lions need to keep taking care of its part of the deal, not rely on anything else happening and beat Green Bay at theirs to secure their first divisional title since realignment (I’ve checked and I’m pretty sure the Bills, Jets, Browns and Lions are the only teams to have not won their divisions since realignment).

Detroit clinches a first-round bye:
1) DET win + GB loss + DAL loss

To be quite honest, I’m quite excited this scenario even exists this late in the season? It still relies on a lot of help although the Cowboys do not have an easy game at all as they take on the Colts in Dallas. Should anything major happen in week 16 for the Lions, it will be the lowly Bucs cracking the Packers.

Detroit clinches a playoff spot:
1) DET win
2) DET tie + PHI loss or tie
3) PHI loss

So, the Lions have a ‘win and in’ scenario. And of course, that should be the major thing. Nothing could be worse than the Lions stuttering now. Should the Lions lose in Chicago this week, they will likely have to win their first game in Green Bay since Matthew Stafford was in kindergarten. The Lions may get help by the Eagles losing in Washington this week or in New York next.

In fact, the only true thing that needs to happen is just one:

Beat Chicago.

And Jim Caldwell seems to have his team focused on that very thing!

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