Why Sunday means so much

As Jim Caldwell so rightly puts it, and as a player should think, this Sunday’s game is just like any other game.

But as a fan, and potentially as a team, it means so much more.

As a Lions fan, I have endured years of ribbing from my mates. The Lions have, more seasons than most, represented a team constantly underachieving and constantly under-performing. I usually respond with and believe that, ‘one day we will come good’ and when we do, it’ll all be worth it. Every August, I have remained a constant optimist and have refused to believe in the ‘same old Lions’ moniker.

Looking at what could happen this season, I realised that, for the Lions to have the best chance of achieving the ultimate goal, the thing to do would be to win this Sunday. The difference would be either an away game in wild card week OR a home game during divisional week.

Is this for real? Could this possibly happen?

Why not?

Whatever happens this Sunday, I hope the Packers are at least given a tough, hard-fought game. Just like the Seahawks beating the 49ers at home in the NFC title game last year gave the Seahawks the bragging rights in the West last year, this Sunday’s game at Lambeau has bragging implications. And I do mean bragging implications in the non-arrogant sense. This would mean so much to Lions’ fans.

Either the Packers can say: ‘You Lions are just pretenders and have done well but we still own this division’ ; or the Lions can say, ‘You may have had a hold on this division for a few years but this is our time.’

And I would love the latter to happen.

Why not?

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