Lions Wild Card Week: Counting down to Sunday

The Lions’ second playoff game in 15 years
And, the Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. There is a real chance to do something special this Sunday. We will have had two chances to do something special on the road this end of season/post season, and here’s hoping we can pull off one of them.

Suh out then in
This is a little late to the table now but this is my whole take on the debacle. He did know what he was doing but didn’t deserve a ban, considering what actually happened and the fact that it’s a playoff game this Sunday!

Nick Fairly practises
Fairley practised in a limited fashion Thursday. Could he potentially start Sunday? It would make sense for the Lions to practise him, list him as questionable and he could potentially make an impact in a few plays. Anyhow, it would give the Cowboys something else they would need to scheme against.

Golden Tate to potentially return punts
I like this. Jim Caldwell was questioned about this during a press conference to which he replied, ‘All things will be considered.’ Getting the ball into Tate’s hands in open space just makes sense. This is win or go home football.

Matthew Stafford’s play last Sunday
Stafford, positively, did finish with 3 TDs and no INTs, but finished below 50% completion percentage. He dropped back 41 times but only completed 20 passes. Seriously, the guy looked jittery at some points, completely overthrowing receivers. That’s a lot of waste of the ball. This passing stat is key come Sunday time. If the offense can find a rhythm Sunday, it will spark victory.

Playoff experience
Stafford, Johnson, Suh, Levy and other key players have some playoff experience from the Saints game. Tate, Bush, Quinn, Ihedigbo, Caldwell all have it from other teams. Can this count? It’s a new season.

Teryl Austin
Please, somebody at Ford Field throw a ton of money at the guy to keep him.

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