Reviewing the Lions’ performance

Here are some takeaways from arguably one of the best Lions performances this season:

– For me, Stafford had a great game, finishing 28 of 42 for 323 yards, a TD and a pick which was batted at the line of scrimmage. Despite a losing effort, he had one of the best performances of his career.
– When the media had been pitching the ‘DeMarco Murray versus Detroit run defense battle all week, the Cowboys were held to just 73 yards rushing. The Lions cemented themselves as one of the best rushing defenses of all time.
– Golden Tate added to his big 2014 performances with an electrifying 51-yard TD catch and run. In fact, it was this play that can be thanked for sparking the Lions’ great 1st-half performance.
– Let’s hope the Lions can carry this defensive momentum going into 2015. In a road playoff game, they sacked Romo 6 times for 51 yards. Who on Earth saw this defensive strength coming at the start of this season?

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