That botched PI call

Moments after the Lions season ended, twitter and facebook erupted with memes blaming the refs for the loss. As a former coach and player, I was well aware that referees can influence the outcome of games but I never like to blame a loss on referees.

However, this was different.

After reading many pundits’ opinions on the matter (most thought it should have been defensive pass interference, some thought just defensive holding) I thought I’d sum up my thoughts. You know when a call is controversial when even the president has a say. (No, not of the NFL but of the USA).

Heck yes it should have been pass interference. It would have put the Lions in field goal territory to make it 23-17. It would have given the Cowboys a shorter field to work with and less time to score with. You can’t just take away a down in football. And how on Earth did Dez Bryant get away with running onto the field without a helmet screaming at the officials?

It’s the first ever PI flag to be picked up without an explanation. In a playoff game. Ridiculous.

What puts the icing on the cake is that the NFL have since apologised to the Lions again for a holding call that was missed.

Anyone else cheering for the Packers this Sunday?

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