Wild Card Woes

Ok, so I suppose I finally needed to write my reflections on the wild card loss. What pains me the most was not necessarily the bogus ref calls but the fact that we were so close to a playoff win and a divisional round fixture with the Seattle Seahawks.

Because of time-zones, the game wouldn’t finish in the UK until 12:45am which was tough to stay up for. But, as the game went on, the excitement was too much and I watched the whole thing live.

Man, we were 14-0 up in a playoff game. We were 17-7 up at half-time. We were 20-7 up at one point. It truly was the stuff of dreams.

As the Cowboys scored to make it 20-14, and then 20-17, nerves would begin a plenty. As the Cowboys drove in that 4th quarter final drive, momentum was firmly in there camp. I’ll blog later about the botched PI call but really the Cowboys had the momentum.

When the Cowboys scored with 2:32 left to make it 24-20, there was still a chance to respond but it just punched you in the gut anyway.

The Lions were lucky to retrieve a fumbled ball on the final drive, but the second one wasn’t so lucky. The season ended on a 4th and 3, with Stafford stripped of the ball and any last hopes of yet another comeback victory. Instead, the Cowboys had a comeback victory of their own.

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