A boy named Who?

There was a play during the preseason opener when Tackle Breno Giacomini for the Jets drove no. 90 Gabe Wright six yards into the backfield.
Number 90 was blown way back.  That’s something that certainly hasn’t been said or seen around here for a while.
Fox’s media opener highlighted the fight for who would replace Ndamukong Suh.  I don’t think it will be as big an issue as the media would like it to be, but it will be a key question for the Lions in the preseason and in September.
Bless him, I’m not going to hold rookie Gabe Wright to the same standard as Suh, but the play did highlight the issue.  For sure, the defense will need a healthy and productive Haloti Ngata this season.  With quite a few defensive tackles on the roster, Ngata will be needed as that veteran tackle to provide consistency and production.  Ansah will be a stud this year, but the tackle position still needs to be solidified.
What is a real bonus for the tackle situation is the return of veteran linebacker Stephen Tulloch to really aid the middle run-stopping.  Tulloch is a premier linebacker of great ability.  What the media didn’t notice last season was that the defense produced well despite the team losing its starting middle linebacker and leader.
I still think made a smart move was made in the off-season by not resigning Suh.  The big money that would have been needed can be better spent elsewhere in my opinion.  (Side note – It was a real shame to not have at least kept Nick Fairley around).  There are those who will ask questions of the big money that Matthew Stafford earns and will earn.
It has opened up a situation where quite a few defensive tackles have the chance to step up on a really good defense.
The question is, who will step up?

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