Only 3 regular-season games left….

So here we are, only 3 games left in the regular season and a final home game beckons for the Lions…. Everything has looked good the last two weeks as the offence has gotten back on track albeit against lesser opponents than the Cardinals and Patriots. The team’s new approach to look at just one […]

December 2014 by Paul Mather

Keys to beating the Patriots

So welcome to Week 2 of the new gameshow ‘Can the Lions beat the premier teams in the NFL?’!  If you tuned in last week you will have seen the offense decline to turn up, the defense keep on rolling and the team lose by one-score to the league’s no.2 team (arguably).  So how will […]

November 2014 by Paul Mather

The NFC playoff race is hotting up

With the way the rest of the NFC is shaping up, the stretch is looking quite interesting. With the NFC South winner likely taking the No. 4 seed due to their poor records, it means seven teams (Cardinals, Packers, Lions, Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks and 49ers) are competing for five spots effectively. At the moment, the […]

November 2014 by Paul Mather

Takeaways from the loss to the Cardinals

Here are my takeaways from the game: 1) The offense has to step up against the premier defenses It’s been clear in many games this season that the defense has carried the team to victory but today the inept performance by the offense came back to bite them. Despite the offense getting good instances of […]

November 2014 by Paul Mather

This is unchartered territory Lions fans

Wait, what? The Lions are 7-2? During the Lions’ win over the Dolphins, there was a moment on the final scoring drive where I thought, ‘We’ve had two close comebacks already. We won’t get this one.’ Then I realised that Matthew Stafford has somehow been replaced by ‘Mr Clutch’. Seriously, how good was that scoring […]

November 2014 by Paul Mather