Lions Look To Draft To Retool Lineup, Fans Look to Schedule Release

The Detroit Lions stormed back into the playoff conversation in 2014, using a balanced offensive attack behind new head coach Jim Caldwell. The real reason the Lions surged back to relevancy was their elite defense. Their greatest strength was having a stacked defensive line, anchored by defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Just when the Lions were […]

March 2015 by Joe Sudberg

Reviewing the Lions’ performance

Here are some takeaways from arguably one of the best Lions performances this season: – For me, Stafford had a great game, finishing 28 of 42 for 323 yards, a TD and a pick which was batted at the line of scrimmage. Despite a losing effort, he had one of the best performances of his […]

January 2015 by Paul Mather

That botched PI call

Moments after the Lions season ended, twitter and facebook erupted with memes blaming the refs for the loss. As a former coach and player, I was well aware that referees can influence the outcome of games but I never like to blame a loss on referees. However, this was different. After reading many pundits’ opinions […]

January 2015 by Paul Mather

Wild Card Woes

Ok, so I suppose I finally needed to write my reflections on the wild card loss. What pains me the most was not necessarily the bogus ref calls but the fact that we were so close to a playoff win and a divisional round fixture with the Seattle Seahawks. Because of time-zones, the game wouldn’t […]

January 2015 by Paul Mather

Lions Wild Card Week: Counting down to Sunday

The Lions’ second playoff game in 15 years And, the Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. There is a real chance to do something special this Sunday. We will have had two chances to do something special on the road this end of season/post season, and here’s hoping we can pull off one […]

January 2015 by Paul Mather

Why Sunday means so much

As Jim Caldwell so rightly puts it, and as a player should think, this Sunday’s game is just like any other game. But as a fan, and potentially as a team, it means so much more. As a Lions fan, I have endured years of ribbing from my mates. The Lions have, more seasons than […]

December 2014 by Paul Mather

Detroit Lions secure their 2014 season playoff spot

By virtue of the Washington Redskins upsetting the Philadelphia Eagles, the Detroit Lions are playoff bound and have secured at least the no. 6 seed in the NFC. There is still a lot to play for the Lions to play for, with the Lions having a mathematical chance to secure even the No. 1 seed. […]

December 2014 by Paul Mather

Lions’ Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

So, heading into the main part of week, here are the Lions’ playoff scenarios: Detroit clinches NFC North: 1) DET win + GB loss The Lions travel to Chicago for its first road game since the Patriots in week 12. The team is focused on getting done what it needs to get done. Green Bay […]

December 2014 by Paul Mather

Lions pull out win number 10

With a 3-game win streak, the Lions have moved from 8 to 9 to 10 wins, and have now equalled their 2011 win count. With the Packers dropping the ball against the Bills, it meant beating the Vikings would propel themselves to the top of the division. However, despite what happens next week, the Lions […]

December 2014 by Paul Mather